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Where do we go from here? Navigating power inequalities between development NGOs in the aid system

This research would not have been possible without the input and collaboration of many people and organisations. We thank Partos and especially Alexander Medik for supporting this project as one of the actions of the Partos Shift-the-power Lab 2.0. We thank the many survey respondents and interviewees for sharing their experiences and reflections with us. We thank the civil society organisations that opened their doors to us in Ghana and Uganda, for taking time and allowing us to learn about their efforts. Finally, we thank the Sounding Board that provided valuable input at key moments during this research: Nicola Barrett, Katherine Belen, Heleen Broekkamp, Stella Chege, Sever Dzigurski, Helen Evertsz, Giorgio Ferrari, Alan Fowler, Paul Gabula, Jobien Hekking, Reinier van Hoffen, Carrie S. Huisman, Moses Isooba, Angela Jansen, Siri Lijfering, Khatra Koshin, Esther Mees, Tim Myles, Kate Newman, Hester Pronk, Matthijs van Pijkeren, Hannah Postma, Teddy van de Put, Zunera Rana, Axel Rooden, Alex Ross, Leah Roozendaal, Anouska Traast, Koenraad van Brabant and Erica Wortel. Tags: Partos


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22 de junho de 2024
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