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Environmental education and community philanthropy: analysis of the donation campaign on the north coast of the state of São Paulo

Environmentalist educational practices are highlighted as alternatives to create resilience in relation to the current scenario of environmental degradation. The Brazilian Environmental Education Fund (FunBEA) operates based on popular and transformative EA, to support the strengthening of communities in situations of socio-environmental vulnerability. In 2022, FunBEA launched a donation campaign whose objective was to strengthen collectives that operate on the north coast of the State of São Paulo, based on the perspective of community philanthropy. The research aims to analyze the donation campaign, seeking to discuss its possibilities for community strengthening. The research is qualitative in nature and document analysis and semi-structured interviews are used to collect data. The data collected will be analyzed using content analysis. As partial results of the research, elements such as the construction of bonds, approach to action and production of narratives and materials were identified. As well as preparing the interview question guide. The fields of popular EE and community philanthropy can contribute to strengthening collectives for environmental educational interventions in the territories and the continuity of the research will enable a deeper analysis of the possibilities for community strengthening provided by the campaign. Organization: Larissa Ferreira - Saberes Program Tags: Saberes Program, Environmental education, Community philanthropy


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