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Guide to Climate Justice – social and ancestral technologies to combat environmental racism in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro

The first edition of the Guide to Climate Justice seeks to schematically systematize the experiences of social and ancestral practices, solutions and technologies developed in our neighborhoods, favelas and outskirts ignored by public authorities, in confronting climate disasters through adaptation and/or mitigation strategies. environmental impacts suffered by those who contribute least to climate change. This construction, which counts on the partnership of people and organizations supported by the Casa Fluminense Fund, leaders of Local Agendas 2030 and the Sustainable Favela Network, also seeks to encourage the multiplication of these experiences among leaders and movements with the desire to act on the topic of climate justice , strategically support monitoring actions and local advocacy of public policies on the subject, be base material for classes, courses, workshops, circuits and territorialized conversation circles and expand understanding of the concepts of environmental racism and climate justice in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro January. Organization: Casa Fluminense Tags: Casa Fluminense; Rio de Janeiro; Climate justice; Social and ancestral solutions and technologies; Environmental racism


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