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Philanthropy that Transforms:

mapping of independent donor organizations for civil society in the areas of socioenvironmental justice It is community development in Brazil.

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In this publication, we will present:

Where do donations from independent socio-environmental justice and community development organizations in Brazil go?

What are the sources of funds and how are the relationships with funders

How the relationship between donors and recipients works

Information about communication, knowledge production and participation in networks

How are these organizations structured?

The main challenges and opportunities in the field

and main numbers

The Comuá Network is a space that brings together thematic, community funds and community foundations, independent donor organizations (grantmakers), which mobilize resources from diverse sources to support groups, collectives, movements and civil society organizations that work in the fields of socio-environmental justice, human rights human rights and community development. Supporting civil society initiatives led by political minorities with financial resources is a key strategy for promoting and building agendas aimed at recognizing and defending rights, and therefore, strengthening Brazilian democracy. The Network seeks to strengthen its members' capacity for joint action, enhancing their role in social transformation processes, in advocacy actions, giving visibility to their actions both in the field of philanthropy and in the public sphere.