Welcome to the Comuá Network!

Strategic Support Program

Supporting member organizations is a vital pillar of this program. It involves financial contributions as well as the development of complementary activities. We aim to foster collective and networked efforts for the collaborative construction of strategies, narratives, content creation, and content sharing. These efforts are intended to invigorate and position advocacy agendas while expanding the practices of grantmaking and the culture of philanthropy in support of groups, collectives, movements, leaders, and civil society organizations dedicated to these essential areas of action.

The support provided to member organizations also reinforces their roles within the Comuá Network and builds alliances. This approach aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learned and the articulation of partnerships.

Through our helpline for organizations, the Comuá Network contributed over R$ 1.2 million between 2020, when it was initiated, and 2021. This support included funding for various COVID-19 response initiatives. These efforts encompassed establishing emergency support funds, community mobilization, donation campaigns, communication and knowledge production endeavors, and developing strategies, products, and actions to bolster the Network's advocacy program. Furthermore, this support facilitated the creation of protective and security measures, the generation of narratives and campaigns, mapping exercises, methodologies, and social technologies, and structuring funding for microprojects and strategic initiatives. 

Strategic support lines:

Covid-19 emergency
Protection and Security
Strengthening of Professional Capabilities